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Here are just some of the comments made by our customers over the past few years:

Just to say thank you for such a swift response to my order, which has arrived this morning and was only ordered yesterday!

I'm also very relieved that you have started producing again.....the Meadowsweet Gel is amazing stuff!!


"A comment is far from enough for these wonderful products,suffice to say I have just washed my hair in the wondrous shampoo followed by a touch of conditioner, I have long hair, Last night I soaked in a bath with a touch of your oil and then massaged my feet with the foot cream that you also create and then gently rubbed in the miracle gel into my hands. I am a cleaner and therefore have or had stiffness in my hands, not forgetting a small application to my shoulders and knees. It is miraculous and I love all your products they just so work. Just please continue with these miracles, and thank you so much."


 "Just a note to thank you so much for the soap you sent me try try, it's amazing! I thought the foot soak was excellent but the soap is even better, it helps my pain considerably & has improved the quality of my life. Thanks again, you have a customer for life, please don't stop what you are doing!"


 "Shampoo and conditioner are just brilliant. Lots of comments from work colleagues and friends on how shiny and healthy my hair looks, certainly would recommend these products. I especially like using it after I have been swimming, my hairs just feels and looks amazing."


"I've been using the shampoo as shower gel, as intended, and my skin feels so smooth even when I don’t moisturise. Long may you continue to make these wonderful products."


"I bought the Meadowsweet Super Soother Lotion for my daughter whose face was always inflamed and rough to the touch. Within the first application of the Super Soother she noticed a difference. She is absolutely delighted with the product and keeps commenting on how nice her skin feels now. We are both so pleased to have discovered Skye Meadowsweet."


"The website is looking good and is easy to use.  I've not brought from you since you took over but shall do in the near future and feel confident I'll get the same great service that I had in the past!"


"I recently bought a bottle of Magic lotion because I was on a bus tour and had bursitis in my knee. It really was magic and relieved my pain so I was free to enjoy the tour and our stay with Agnes McRae at her wonderful B&B. My son in law used some for pain relief and told me “it worked!!” Now my friend has borrowed it for the pain of a broken wrist and she is smiling. Many thanks for a great product. Highly recommended."


"The most amazing face cream I have ever used. Smells beautiful too x"


"Brill products..carry the miracle oil all the time...I'm a paramedic. Great for kids...magic a treat!"


"Just to confirm that I received my order, in fact it was swiftly delivered the next day.  Excellent customer service. Thank you."


"After a long plane journey both my shins and groin itched like crazy, I had not taken and antihistamine for some time which sometimes does the job, however, this lotion did the trick almost immediately. My daughter in law calls it magic cream and I think she is right."


"I am so relieved I found your website as I was looking in desperation for anything to help the pain of my rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. I do have painkillers but they're not enough, anything stronger causes more problems! As soon as I put the gel on it started cooling and soothing. I was soon pain free. It's wonderful. Thank you!"


"I have to thank. I am grateful for the quality of your work. So, Thank you so much for your products, their efficiency and the relief they provide."


"When first told about it I could not believe it. Tried It and I was gobsmacked. Talk about pain going away I could not believe how quick it worked. That was, must be some five years back and I have used it ever since. I recommend it to everyone I meet and would never be without it. Always keep a bottle with me. It's true what it says 'Its a MIRACLE"


"This is an amazing product - the best thing I've found for my skin! I'm out in all weathers walking the dog so need something to protect my skin from the elements (especially the wind) but anything too rich makes my skin flare up after a few days. I've been using this for months now and it works brilliantly. I love the texture - a cream gel which isn't at all greasy and sinks in immediately. It also smells lovely, which is a bonus."


"The gel has helped the pain from arthritis in my neck and spine. The shampoo and conditioner has tamed my frizzy hair and the face cream keeps my face soft without blocking all the pores."


"Hi, I have just placed another order for the oil that helps my husband's arthritis so much and, recently, frozen shoulder. I have just seen your great video and didn't know that the plant has got natural aspirin. We love your products - keep up the good work. Many thanks."


"The shampoo has cleared the psoriasis from my scalp completely within about 8 weeks. The soother lotion is healing the patches on my body. Brilliant results from your products - I have paid a fortune for creams and lotions in the past which have had no effect."


"I suffer from Fibromyalgia which causes pain in joints and muscles. I have tried all 3 of these products and have found that it relaxes/soothes the joints and muscles."


"I have been using the hand cream for around a month now. A small amount goes a long way, it smells great too! I also use the clear complexion facial wash and facial gel. These are good products for oily/spot-prone skin and leave my face feeling fresh and clean. The facial gel is non-sticky and absorbs fast. I would recommend!"


"I suffer from osteoarthritis of both ankles causing extreme pain and difficult movement.The gel has eased the pain considerably and makes movement easier.It has allowed me to have an enjoyable holiday this year and helps me sleep at night."


"I absolutely love the foot bath and cream you sent me - it is amazing. I used to get up in the morning and feel as if my feet were collapsing - every little bone and muscle felt it had to let me know it was there - my feet felt like they were collapsing. Not any more! Soaking is bliss and then I rub in the cream and sometimes I put socks on to keep all the goodness in. I get up in the morning now and just walk. Having ache-free feet is quite wonderful. Then when I found myself using my foot cream on a bruise on my knee I decided it was time to try some of your other products on my other achy bits so I can't wait to use the massage oil and the cream I have just ordered - not both at once I might add."


"I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and am always aching somewhere! But more recently - probably due to poor posture hunched over a desk all day - I experienced severe shoulder pain for weeks and weeks without relief. Finally went to the doctor and she recommended posture exercises and to try the Meadowsweet products. I was sceptical about the product working but my goodness me it works! I experienced relief almost within hours and now use it regularly when needed. I gave a friend a bit to try as she was suffering with painful, arthritic hands and she's hooked also! Thank you!"


"My hair looks and feels gorgeous! No more frizzy and messy locks. Lovely product. Thank you!"


"Just a note to say thanks for the very swift dispatch of my order. The service you provide is second to none. The parcel arrived yesterday morning, which I really appreciated as the hand cream is a gift for a friend whose birthday is this weekend."


"I have rheumatoid arthritis and take pain killers which are now not strong enough, so have been looking for something else. I prefer a more natural approach and have aleady tried the miracle lotion on my sore knee and foot. The relief is absolutely great!! Walking much easier. Thank you very much."


"Your natural soaps are simply amazing. The lovely scents last throughout there use and my visitors all make comment on how wonderful they smell."


"I had been having aches and stiffness in the joints of my fingers and have been using the above product for a few months now, it has made a huge difference, reducing the aches and stiffness to practically none now, I would definitely recommend this product."


"Thank you for your speedy delivery,( I didn't know royal mail could work that fast), and thank you for your great product, it keeps me pain free, its great."


"Have used this brilliant product before. Have now started with really painful arthritis in my fingers and managed to squeeze a little from the old bottle which worked even though out of date. Ordered yesterday, received today, brilliant service for a brilliant product. Highly recommended."


"I purchased the cream when on holiday in November but after two months have run out and MUST have some more. Thank goodness for your website. This is a great product, keeps feet feeling fresh and relaxed whether after a long walk in the countryside or a hard day in the office."


"Just to say thank you for such excellent service - Ordered and delivered within 48 hrs (with 6 inches of snow on ground). I love the soaps as my hands fell refreshed and ache free after using it and it lasts such a long time."


"I first tried this cream whilst holidaying on Skye and was very impressed with the way it left my skin feeling so soft and silky smooth. I have since ordered more online and remain delighted with it!"


"Fantastic products, i have been using the oil since i had swollen knees after a ten miler up the mountain opposite my friends house in Kyle of Lochalsh - Bibs. It brought the sweeling and inflamation down within minutes and gave relief. I now get it for my sister who has fibro-myalgia and my mum who has rheumatism and my daughter who is a dancer - We all thinks its brilliant. Thank you so much and keep making it !!!"


"Thank you so much for speedy next day delivery, excellent service. I look forward to using the gel and the body wash, the lotion is a repeat order and a life saver every morning....many thanks."


"Just to thank you for getting my order to me so quickly, it arrived the day after I spoke to Graham. The gel is certainly working. Thank you again and do have a good Christmas."


"Bought the miracle lotion whilst visiting Skye in summer for my husbands arthritic knee. It works well and smells lovely! Tried the facial cream as a treat for myself and it is moisturises without being greasy. Hair and body wash is good at moisturising the skin and hair without being greasy."


"My order arrived today smells gorgeous and can't wait to get using it. Thanks you for being so helpful and lovely on the phone can't wait to get giving the christmas gifts now to my Mum and Dad will report back their progress! Thanks!"


"After a recommendation from a friend, I decided to give the Miracle Oil a go & I have been happy with the results. I suffer a lot of pain in my lower back, pelvis, shoulder & neck area due to a couple of accidents & find it hard to sleep at night through the pain. By massaging in the oil I found that with some pain the oil got rid of it completely & with the more constant pain it reduced it to a dull ache for me to be able to fall asleep. I would highly recommend this miracle oil & the delivery is super fast which I was surprised but delighted with. Many thanks."


"Bought 2 jars, and gave one to a Friend. It has made a really noticeable difference to my torn rotor cuff, and the base of my neck, while I wait to see if I need minor surgery. Thank you very much."


"Been using meadowsweet products for a year now,and all my pains have gone in my knees."


"I bought this product for my brother, who suffers from what we think is psoriasis on his scalp and legs. He is so pleased with the results on his legs (says it has cured the problem, although of course it does recur), that I would like to buy 2 more bottles."


"Thank you for your prompt service. I have used the gel once so far on the basal joint of my thumb, which has just started to swell. This is after years of weeding in the garden! I can feel an easing of the pain after one application. Thank you."


"I can’t believe you remember I have fibromyalgia! It does not remove it as its a chronic condition that has to be managed. It eases and gives relaxing feelings to muscles, I prefer oil to cream as it easier to rub in (as my hands ache too) and it warms muscles and joints. Bottles are light and easy to open and you only need a small amount on the effected muscles. I have a hot tub too and always put my oil on afterwards, having a lot of pain in calves at moment, so it needs more pressure to remove the cluster."


"Many thanks again for the swift delivery off my order ,I really find your gel helps my knees greatly, always praising your products to others ,many thanks again."


"Thanks for the prompt delivery. I heard about your products through a patient who comes to our Outreach day hospice service in Skye. He very kindly gave me a bottle of the oil. I gave it to my father to use who has a lot of arthritis and he found it very beneficial. I am hoping I will be able to use some of your products for the Hospice patients once I am more familiar with them. I am trying them on myself family and friends first."


"I have for many years problems with greasy scalp and dry ends, I have used many products like Kerastase, and many other famous brands I have tried many things including medicated Shampoo from the Dr and no positive result ,since the first time I used MEADOWSWEET Shampoo and conditioner my problems are gone ,no spots on my head, no frizz, my hair is shinier, healthy look and feel is a real "miracle " Thanks to Graham and Britt for their Healing hands and their stunning products."


"Bought this lotion on Saturday and have used it for two days. It really is a miracle. Have had problems with aching joints for years and now have more movement, and pain relief than ever, without painkilling tablets! Would highly recommend this to anyone!"


"As a studying Holistic Therapist I have found this product to be an essential part of my working day, as so many of my clients suffer with problematic joint and muscle pain. It is a great medium to work with as my clients feel the effects immediately after their treatment, and have reported back after a few days a significant reduction in their pain levels. Not only is it a great product for my clients but using the product daily has worked wonders on my own (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) wrist pain. Overall an outstanding product with so many beneficial properties!"


"Hello I have had a chance to use your products on both myself and my Mum and I pleased to report some success. I'm afraid her feet are so bad that the foot cream didn't help. However your Miracle lotion is truly a "miracle", I used it on her badly swollen ankles, knees, her painful back and the dislocated shoulder and the swelling just seem to disappear and she didn't seem to be in so much pain."


"Problems with joints in feet and hands, swelling and pain and both these creams work instantly. Have already recommended to friends. Delivery and service is also first class."


"Hello all. I have been a customer for a very long time, I have used all this products from soap to creams and much more. I was looking for natural products when I found this web, and since that day I never looked back. The quality,presentation, packaging,is all first class, the soaps are very well made and crafted,a super fast delivery , genuine people."


"I started using meadowsweet lotion a few years ago to ease the pain of cramp which I get in my legs. The cramp wakes me from my sleep and can be very painful, but I reach for my meadowsweet lotion and apply to the area and within a couple of minutes or so it is gone, it is a wonderful product."


"I really love this Oil. I´m a naturopath and use your Oil for my work in combination with joint manipulation with great effects."


"I just wanted to say how much more I'm enjoying the new ingredients of the Super Soothing Lotion - it absorbs so much better and therefore must be doing even more good!! I didn't think it was possible to improve on perfection but you have! Thank you. JO."


"I have arthritis in my knee and hip, can you recommend a gel or lotion to help relieve the pain. Thank you so very much."


"Bought some in Kyle chemist not thinking it would be so good - ordered more on line which arrived almost immediately - great products which my husband uses on his elbow joints and helps a lot."

Jim & Kirsten

"I have been experimenting with your 'Miracle gel' on the sciatica in my right leg, and find it affords relief in minutes. This is preferable to taking pain killers constantly!"


"I have had osteoarthritis in my ankle joints for some time to such an extent that walking is very difficult and I have constant pain.Since using the gel I have had great relief from pain and walking was made less difficult.I have been able to sleep again and no longer take pain killers.It really has given me great relief."


"I really love this product and it definitely helps my aching knees and muscles. I sent for 2 large bottles of the oil yesterday and also the hand cream for my aching gardening hands and was amazed to receive it all this morning in DEVON!! Thank you so much."


"Excellent for my lower back pain and all other aches and pains. Your soaps and healing hand cream are also wonderful products. Thank you."


"Dear Britt and Graham, your "Miracle Oil" is really a miracle. My left foot had been aching for months - I could hardly walk for more than a few minutes, and no doctor was able to help me. But when I started using your "Miracle Oil" (twice a day) there was a really quick improvement. Some weeks ago I started a test by using the oil only once a day but since there was a slight change for the worse I returned to the former dosage and now I don't have any problems - in spite of the extreme cold weather which often deteriorates this kind of complaints. So I think that the"Miracle Oil" is really working!! Very best wishes - Renate"


"I was diagnosed with physical urticaria some time back and nothing seemed to help it. I became really quite depressed as I couldn't wear short sleeved items or shorts/skirts because my skin looked so awful. Then I thought of Britt and asked her if she could recommend anything. She immediately sent me a sample of the Super Soothing lotion and within weeks I noticed a difference. It is the most amazing product and I have regained my confidence because of it, being able to wear what I want again. It has also been fantastic when I burnt myself on the iron, and got sunburn!!! I guess the only problem for Britt is that she is the victim of her own my skin is so much better, I don't have to order so much at a time! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me back my confidence and skin. x,"



"I have been using this for relief of my arthritic knees, with very good effect. I have just had one knee replaced, and the gel has been brilliant for relief of the swelling and pain around the scar. I also use the gel on other painful arthritic joints- it really is good for relieving pain. Thank you for such excellent service."


"I would like to say that you provide a very prompt service. the products come very nicely packaged . Unfortunately I won't be trying these soaps as they are for Christmas presents. I'm very jealous. I'm sure the recipients will be excited to open them as they have close connections with Scotland."


"Thank you for excellent service received our order the next day. The product really does make a difference it soothes and heals sore fingers and hands."


"Congratulations. I thought nothing could better the oil but I was wrong the Gel is the answer to all my needs. The pain I suffer from Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis is relieved by using the Gel twice a day. At last I can get a pain free, full night sleep. Thank you."


"Wonderful! I have used it on my joints and back, my hubby has used it on his back - worked in 10 - 15 minutes and not a problem since, his backache usually stays around for days after gardening. And sending Gift Pack to my family in NZealand for Christmas. Thank you for your lovely natural and safe products."


"Many thanks for your VERY prompt delivery. The gel was recommended to me and I must say that already I am most impressed with it. I shall certainly recommend it to my friends."


"I have been having great difficulty to walk at all in recent months as both ankles are now worn out but as ever the gel is enabling me to sleep which is such a great help. I am very grateful for the gel which is providing me with the only relief I manage to get."


"I first tried your products last year when I was on holiday in Skye and found them extremely good with the repetitive strain injury on my hand and, more recently, osteoarthritis in both knees. I was out of lotion and oil and I tried to find local stockists (Glasgow and even Mallaig) but so far haven't come across any. Then I remembered you had a website! Thank you so much for the prompt delivery. So far I have tried the gel which works very well."


"So far, this is the only cream to relieve my itching hands, for any length of time. Had the condition for over 25 years.. I've spread the word, does that mean I'll get a discount on my next order? Lol!"


"We both use these products for various reasons; back issues, burns, scrapes. It's a fantastic all rounder and instantly soothes. I use them daily on my sore back and when it's feeling better I sometimes forget to apply it for a few days, and I notice it start to ache again. I used the pregnancy safe one throughout my pregnancy and it was wonderful for relieving those tired aching muscles, especially with a few drops of oil applied to a bath. It also helps my sore arms after carrying a heavy baby round all day!"

Daffern Family

"This oil has been a real help for my sore back and wrists, it smells and feels lovely too!! Thanks."


"As soon as I opened the pot of Meadowsweet Gel the aroma soothed my senses and then when the gel was applied to my frozen shoulders it greatly eased the muscular discomfort, and it continued to give me relief for hours. I was most impressed and have no hesitation in singing it praise to friends and family and am so glad that my daughter and son-in-law recommended it to me."


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